International HDR Road to Research Scholarship Round – Session 1 2022


The Road to Research (Master of Research Year 2) Scholarship is for applicants who are eligible to commence the Macquarie Master of Research Year 2 in Sydney, Australia in Session 1 2022.

The Macquarie Master of Research Year 2 provides thorough research relevant training for candidates interested in shorter research projects or pursuing a research career.

Selection process:

Macquarie University offers available awards to eligible candidates in accordance with the MQ Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) Policy, and the Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Policy.


Scholarship Eligibility:

Awards will only be available to applicants meeting the Eligibility and Selection Criteria who:

  • are onshore in Australia at the time of application.
  • intend to reside in Sydney, Australia during their candidature.
  • meet the English Language Requirement for MQ HDR Programs at the time of application.
  • are enrolling as full-time students.
  • meet the admission criteria for direct entry into MRes Year 2, for commencement in Session 1 2022
  • have a valid visa allowing you to commence your study in January 2022, at the time of application. Note that you will still be required to apply for a Student Visa prior to commencement, should your current visa not allow you to study in Australia until the end of the MRes program.

Current MQ Postgraduate Coursework students completing in Session 2 2021 are encouraged to apply.

Awards will not be available to those who:

  • are currently enrolled in a Macquarie Higher Degree Research Program, including current Master of Research Year 2 candidates.
  • are receiving another equivalent or major award, scholarship or salary to undertake the proposed program,
  • are currently enrolled in MRes Year 1 program as they are considered for MRes Y2 scholarship during their progression,
  • have already completed a research degree at the same or higher level than the proposed candidature.
  • wish to commence their MRes Year 2 program in Session 2 2022 (deferrals will not be available).
  • provide false or misleading information to the University. Where there is reason to believe this condition has not been upheld, the University reserves the right to reassess the student’s entitlement to the award.
  • submit incomplete applications.

Award-holders may:

  • be in receipt of minor awards, allowances or other earnings which are supplementary to MQRES, or derived from part-time work undertaken within the guidelines set by the relevant scholarship conditions,
  • receive stipend top-up funding from industry or other sources to a maximum equivalent of 75% of the basic Research Training Program (RTP) stipend rate ($28,854 p.a. in 2022),
  • be in receipt of additional funds for field work, equipment and other such expenses not covered by the award.
Selection criteria
  • Candidates must satisfy all the criteria for admission to the Macquarie University Master of Research Year 2.
  • Macquarie University will rank candidates on the basis of Grade Point Average on a 7 point scale in accordance with the MQ GPA calculator or if a Macquarie Graduate from 2020 onwards a Weighted Average Mark.

Assessment of Qualifications gained overseas:

Information about the assessment of qualifications gained overseas can be found here.

Scholarship Components

Successful candidates will receive: 

  • Stipend (indexed annually, $28,854 p.a. in 2022)
  • Tuition-fee offset for 1 year maximum.

How to Apply

Online applications for commencement in Session 1 2022 are open now and close on October 31st 2021 (AEDT).

We encourage applicants to submit their application as early as possible prior to the deadline.

Outcomes will be issued in November 2021, with candidates expected to commence their program on 1 January 2022.

To apply, please visit our How To Apply page.

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  • applicants who have received a valid Macquarie University letter of offer for a Master of Research Year 2 program within the last 6 months must submit an online HDR Application for Scholarship Only. Please refer to the additional information for applicants document for instructions on how to submit a Scholarship Only application.
  • Applications who applied for both course and scholarship in the 2022 International Main Round, and are onshore, should submit a HDR Application for Scholarship Only. Please refer to the additional information for applicants document for instructions on how to submit a Scholarship Only application. When asked about a “Valid Letter of Offer” in the scholarship only application, please indicate “yes” and upload a document (a one sentence statement is sufficient) that includes the 5 digit application ID that you were given when you applied for the 2022 International Main Round.


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